Dough Molding Compound (DMC) is offered as a dough or extrudate for small but highly intricate moldings. Meant for electrical switchgear and other non-structural applications. Indigenously manufactured machinery combined with knowledge from Menzolit enable the production of high quality DMC. These molding compounds are reactive molding materials made primarily of Unsaturated Polyester Resin, Glass Fiber and Fillers. They form into solid components of desired sizes, shapes and properties on application of heat and pressure in a matched die mold. Different techniques include compression and injection molding.

Every buyer gets the added advantage of a strong technical support team that initiates a study of the interested agency then provides guidance on the choice of both raw materials and components. The demand for these products is expected to increase significantly as they are replacing conventional materials. Mahindra Composites is well equipped to cater to the Indian and global markets.