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Ferrite Impeder Rods for tube welding:

High Frequency Induction welding is the common process for steel tube manufacturing. Ferrite rod core plays a very crucial part in increasing the efficiency of welding process. Major requirement of ferrite cores are low power loss and close control of dimensions.

Impeder rods are manufactured using soft ferrites by extrusion and sintering process. Magnetic Product Division's impeder rods are manufactured under controlled processes to achieve the tight dimensional control and highest magnetic properties, which would ensure the best performance of steel tube welding.

We offers complete range of products in sizes and shapes.

Ferrite Grades:

Magnetic Product Division manufactures impeder rod cores for induction welding with low power loss material grades, HR-4 and HR-4B. HR-4B provide better magnetic such as lower power loss, higher saturation flux density (Bs) as well as better Bs stability at higher temperatures.

Properties Symbol Unit Test condition HR-4 HR-4B
Initial permeability (±25%) μi 0.1mT, 25℃ 1200 1800
Flux density (min) Bs mT 1200A/m, 25℃ 440 500
1200A/m, 100℃ 350 400
Coercive Field (max) Hc A/m 10kHz, 25 ℃ 10 10
Curie Temperature (min) Tc   240 210
Density (min) d kg/m³ 25℃ 4800 4800
Resistivity (min) ρ Ω m 25℃ 4 4
Powerloss (max) Pc mW/cc 400kHz/200mT/25℃ 10000 8000
400kHz/200mT/100℃ 7000 6000